23.09.2019, Monday, Delaware |
1 USD - 1.7020 AZN 1 TL - 0.2962 AZN
23.09.2019, Monday, Delaware 1 USD - 1.7020 AZN


    1.  Register on the site colibri.az
    2.  After registration, you will be provided with a personal postal address in the US, which you will indicate when making purchases in online stores, as the delivery address
    3. Make a shopping in any online store that delivers to the US.
    4. Before buying a product, make sure that its delivery to Azerbaijan is not prohibited and that the quantity and value do not contradict the customs rules.
    5. After sending the parcel to the specified address, the seller provides you with tracking code (tracking number) of the parcel and the invoice.
    6. Further it is necessary to fill in the preliminary declaration. In it, you must specify the store, the category of the product and its description.
    7. If a parcel arrived at the US warehouse has not been declared, it will be stored there until it is declared.
    8. Sending of all declared parcels to Azerbaijan occurs every week.
    9. After sending the parcel to Azerbaijan you will receive a notification that your parcel has been sent and an invoice for payment of services.
    10.  You can pay for the invoice online in your personal account on the website colibri.az or at the office in cash or by bank card.
    11. After passing the customs inspection, the parcels are delivered to the Baku office, after which you will receive a notification via e-mail and SMS.
    12. You can get up your parcel at a time convenient for you during work hours.
  • Why do I intermediary services in the United States?

    9 out of 10 US stores, including Amazon, do not deliver goods directly to Azerbaijan. Even if the store offers international shipping, it is very expensive, and you will need to pay the full shipping cost of every order from America. Kolibri Express solves all these problems by providing you with a personal address in the US for free, you can order purchases for it, store it for up to 30 days, and then receive it in Azerbaijan, paying for international delivery at times less!

  • How can I find out the shipping cost?

    Approximate shipping costs can be calculated using a calculator on the site, by entering the weight of the goods. The cost of things does not affect the price of delivery.

  • The weight of the parcel in the warehouse differs from that of the store, why?

    Stores and postal services often record the approximate weight of the goods, and when entering the Kolibri warehouse, the parcel is weighed on an electronic balance, and the weight is indicated accurately.


  • What does the limit of $ 1000 mean?

    We bring to your attention that according to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (guided by clause 2.1.4 of the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 305), individuals have the right to import into the country, once every 30 days, a cargo with a physical value equivalent to not more than 1000 US dollars. If the physical cost of the goods exceeds the equivalent of $ 1000, the customs duty is paid according to the legislation.

    The limit of $ 1000 includes the cost of the goods and the price of delivery.

    Please be careful when ordering!

  • What is "Tracking İD"?

    After it is fully packed in the store, the parcel is sent to the domestic couriers. Courier service, in turn, assigns a transit number. Track number allows you to track the status of the parcel, starting from the courier service warehouse to the destination. For each parcel individually assigned a unique track number that does not repeat. You can track the status of the parcel before you arrive at the delivery company's. warehouse, via the internal courier service web page.

  • What should you know when making an online purchase?

    With online purchase, the "shipping adress" string must be filled in according to the sample on the Hummingbird account.

    If the name, surname, and identification number are incorrectly entered, the parcel is stored in foreign warehouses, is not delivered to Azerbaijan and the delivery time is extended until the owner of the parcel is identified.

    In such cases, the company is not responsible for the delay in ordering.

  • Delivery of parcel from seller to warehouse

    After completing the purchase in the online store, the parcel will be delivered to the address specified by the buyer within a certain time. For this purpose, the parcel is sent to the local postal service. 

    Before delivery of the parcel to the warehouse, Kolibri does not have information about the buyer's cargo and the company does not bear any responsibility until the parcel is delivered to the warehouse. After the delivery of the parcel to the warehouse, this fact is registered on the customer's personal account and the subsequent flight is delivered to Azerbaijan.

  • Why I should the parcel data is entered on the buyer's personal account?

    Each parcel delivered to the airport of Azerbaijan is subject to customs clearance.

    To prevent delays, the buyer entering his personal account Hummingbird, must declare his order in advance. Information about the parcel must be entered before the parcel is delivered to foreign warehouses. Declaration of cargo is possible only after the seller sends the parcel to the courier and assigns the cargo to the tracking number.

  • I read all questions and answers, but did not find an answer to my question, what should I do?

    In that case, you can contact our support team. We advise you to write to us from the email address on which your account is registered. When contacting us, it is very important to indicate your identification number, as well as the parcel number, if the question relates to a particular item. Please note that you can get answers to common questions in the chat room. For any questions regarding specific parcels, it is better to contact us by e-mail.